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Personal theatre for everyone, for anywhere, for any time.

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We are thrilled to reveal our repertoire! All shows can be performed any time, any day, 365 days a year. Please get in touch to check availability and prices: we are as excited as you are to perform in your chosen venue so book early to avoid disappointment! and don't forget: all our performances can be tailored to your liking giving your experience that extra special touch. 

The shows run between 60-90 minutes, and we leave as swiftly as we arrive. We use an hour beforehand to assemble our hand-crafted set and stage, props, costumes, music, lighting and that little touch of magic before the curtains rise.

The Comedy of Errors 

We have decided to honour our Bardic roots and keep this one classically Shakespearian. This play has been creatively condensed into 80 minutes of delightful hilarity, complimented with traditional period costumes and the use of the original language. In this story we meet Egeon who has lost track of his twin sons and their twin servants: who have each been separated from each other. Things spiral out of control as they mistake each other for the other twin. Expect confusion, chaos and a whole lot of laughs in this light-hearted Shakespearian tale. 

A Little Light Music

Experience a lively showcase of song and dance as we rekindle those fond favourites. Combined with our comical acts and musicians this one will have you smiling for days. Audience participation is a must, but don't worry we provide the words (and the silly hats.) 

A Pinch of Salt

As one of our personal favourites, we are excited to have A Pinch of Salt as a part of our Spring season this coming year. This charming tale is loosely based on an old English folk-tale and sees Princess Cordelia in disguise as a kitchen maid when she is banished from her castle. 

Expect princes and princesses, angry cooks and clumsy kitchen maids! This show will have you giggling and laughing in this heart-warming performance. (But watch out! You don't want to bump into Mrs Sourdough!)


We transport our audience back to the simplicity of  the Bardic storytelling in this fast-paced comical, and thoughtful performance. A medley of songs, poetry, stories and spoken word will keep you on your toes as we travel in time from Tennyson's Lady of Shallot to Zephaniah's Dis Poetry. There is something for everyone! No-one will be sitting back in the this performance either, as the use of musical instruments and props will be used amongst the audience to play a crucial part in retelling some of the stories. 

Down the Tracks

What could possibly go wrong at Granville North Station Office at 5pm on a Thursday evening? With Sandra in charge, assisted by her hapless train guard, Steven, and signalman, Paul, the threesome appear to have everything covered. Or so they think! With a new girl starting they are all keen to impress but their good intentions take a turn for the worse. Watch as Granville Station becomes a hubbub of activity like never before in this modern comedy.